Associate Professor Tomoko Soga

Contact Details

Tel: +603 5514 6223
Fax: +603 5514 6341
Office: Room 3-3-04

Profile Summary

Associate Professor Tomoko Soga joined Monash University Malaysia in June 2006 from the Department of Mental Disorder Research, National Institute of Neuroscience, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Tokyo, Japan. Dr Soga obtained her B.Sc and M.Sc. from Kyoto Institute of Technology. Upon obtaining her PhD from Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Dr Soga was a postdoctoral fellow at The Rockefeller University in New York for 2 years.


BSc (Kyoto), MSc (Kyoto) PhD (Nippon)

Research Interests

  • Early-life environment and risk of depression
  • Mechanisms and functions of serotonin neuronal systems in depression


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  2. Soga,T.*, Kitahashi, T., Clarke, I.J and Parhar, I.S. Gonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone Promoter-Driven Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Expression Decreases During Aging in Female Rats. Endocrinology (2014) 155:944-955
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  5. Soga,T.*, Wong, D.W., Clarke, I.J and Parhar, I.S. Citalopram (Antidepressant) Administration Causes Sexual Dysfunction in Male Mice Through RFamide Related Peptide in the Dorsomedial Hypothalamus. Neuropharmacology  (2010).59:77-85.