Epidemiology biostatistics and evidence synthesis

This unit provides statistical advice, consultancy services and short course teaching for researchers working on secondary data analysis of epidemiological data, or looking to design population based studies.
→ Contact: Professor Daniel D Reidpath


Applied health research methods

This unit provides short course teaching for researchers interested in gaining skills and expertise in qualitative data collection and analysis; and research design for health systems research, policy analysis and implementation research
→ Contact: Professor Pascale Allotey


Basic Research and Biomedical Sciences

Based on the establishment of state of the art, quality controlled biomedical laboratory facilities, with advanced technologies in genomics, proteomics, virology, neurobiology and clinical trials, these facilities provide services and training for researchers interested in relevant research areas. Short specialist/master workshops are also available in Research Ethics, Human genomics, microbiome investigations, next generation sequencing and basic bioinformatics.
→ Contact: 


Technological innovations

This unit provides support for the development of mobile applications for health interventions, and development of telemedicine technologies.
→ Contact: