Our mission

  • Providing quality educational support to staff and students
  • Assisting staff in their professional academic development
  • Providing mechanisms to assess and evaluate teaching performance
  • Driving innovative research into medical education



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Provide CPD opportunities congruent with the learning and teaching objectives of the department
  • Provide educational and professional support, for both staff and students in teaching and learning activities

Teaching quality

  • Provide educational training and support to meet the needs of all academic staff
  • Design and implement a teaching assessment framework for all staff involved in the delivery of undergraduate and post graduate teaching
  • Enable staff to access a Monash accredited teaching qualification, and to provide support to facilitate its successful completion
  • Provide mechanisms for critically assessing and evaluating teaching performance through involvement in activities such as: Peer review, Professional portfolios and self reflection and evaluation

Research and innovation

  • Participate in campus wide Monash research projects
  • Enhance the international profile of the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences through engagement in external projects, professional appointments and memberships
  • Drive research into medical education within Monash Malaysia, and collaboratively with the medical education community locally, nationally and internationally