The Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS) is Monash University's main institute for neuroscience research.

It is led by one of the world's leading comparative neuroscientists Professor Ishwar Parhar.

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"BRIMS has successfully formed linkages with local and international institutes through various research projects. I hope that BRIMS will become a nucleus and a catalyst for more multi-disciplinary, integrated, and collaborative research that can be promoted and developed amongst institutions to enhance neuroscience research output in the region."
Director of BRIMS
– Professor Ishwar Parhar


The South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) is a research platform in population health and well-being focusing on a middle-income community in regional Malaysia.

Situated in the Segamat community in Johor, the platform is modeled on the successful Demographic and Health Surveillance System (DHSS) used successfully in many other countries.

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"SEACO is, at its core, a technology for capturing and making usable, rich longitudinal data about a geographical area, the individuals, families, households, and communities within it, and the relationship between the people, their health and well-being, and the broader environment."
SEACO Associate Director (International)
– Professor Pascale Allotey

Clinical School JB

The Clinical School Johor Bahru (CSJB) is strategically situated at the southern-most point of the Malaysian Peninsula, just across the causeway from Singapore.

It is well-equipped with facilities to provide a supportive learning environment for the Years Three to Five MBBS students.

Conducive learning environment

The CSJB Phase 2 building, or commonly known as the Monash 1 building, is a four-storey green building that provides a pleasant and tranquil environment which is conducive for studying and working.

Celebrating an important milestone

The Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) has reached a landmark ten-year

Read more about the celebration of JCSMHS' 10 years of Quality Medical Education in Malaysia.